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Singapore and food.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Food is a big deal in Singapore. Or you're eating, or you talk about food, or you think of eating or you make something to eat. A very popular activity. Many people even post a picture of their lunch on FaceBook every day!

Not surprisingly, therefore, that you can eat really everything everywhere. The restaurants, hawkers (street stalls), food courts (huge halls with all small toko's), and so on are innumerable.

Around the corner from our apartment is a giant food court: Lau Pa Sat. In a grand Victorian building are about 100 food  stalls. In the middle are tables and chairs.

Details of the cast iron construction of this Victorian building. Bit decayed and neglected, but still beautiful.

After rain we have sunshine, then rain...and maybe some more rain...

The weather in Singapore is quite constant; 31 degrees C the whole year round, very humid, and within limits very moody;-).
One day bright sun, the next day heavy thunder storms. Or sunny now and pouring rain half an hour later. Or weeks with grey skies and rain....

This morning the sun was out, after some cloudy days, so I rushed of to the pool. I just arrived and...pouring rain! Two hours later it was still raining:-(.

Hong Kong Island by night

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hong Kong Island by night

The Sail@Marina Bay #28-08

So this is where we live.
A brandnew, luxuirous condominium with all possible facilities in and around it.

There are two towers, that are sail-shaped on one side, hence the name.

A dazzling start

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whenever I told my friends that I was leaving for Singapore for two months, many of then asked me what on earth I would do there to keep myself busy.
Frits, my husband, has a job there, I don' how to spend my days alone?

Give me a camera, a laptop with an internet connection and a pile of books and I am not easily bored, I know from experience. And even less so when the sun is shining. So I was not worried at all.

To be on the safe side, I DID think of a photography-theme. "Jumpology" aka making pictures of jumping people.

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