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Underground Singapore

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As I mentioned before on my blog, the widespread image of Singapore is  that of a clean, artificial, over-regulated, Disney Land-ish city-state.

That may be true, but there is also another side.
The backside .... The underside .... The alternative-side ...

We live in a part of Singapore that meets the cliche image perfectly; clean, stylized, luxurious.
But there are other areas where it all is a bit more 'normal', more 'asian'. In some neighborhoods for example, you may find also  brothels and prostitution.
And in other areas you literally 'underground' unexpectedly find an entire subculture.

In this blog some pics illustrating the more alternative and less polished Singapore.


Many people have tattoos here. Not only smaller ones, but even back- and body-covering ones. 

Singapore in the spotlights

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One of the great things about this city is the lighting.

They take advantage of every opportunity to light up something. Lovely, exuberant and varied. Buildings will be beautifully lit up. Often there is a lighting incorporated into the architecture and design of shopping centers, apartment buildings, etc.

Lights, light objects, changing colors, spotlights, laser shows .... light and color, color and light ....

The former head of the Singapore Tourism Board had  a lighting plan for Singapore as one of her priorities. And that shows!
She sent her staff to experts from all over the world, such as the people who were responsible for the lighting of Paris, to watch, learn and get ideas for Singapore. 
Her policy has played a key role in all this light everywhere. But since then, it seems to be in the system of each entrepreneur here as well, and is  found in every hotel, restaurant, bar, etc.

Below an impression in about 100 pictures:

'Reet' in a pond on Sentosa beach

Singapore's fascinating mix of religions, cultures and rituals

Monday, March 8, 2010

Singapore is a multi cultural city.

77% is Chinese, 14% Malayan, 8% Indian en 1% Eurasian. Talking about the locals aka residents here.

Indian couple. In the background muslims and chinese singaporeans.

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