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iLight Festival@Marina Bay

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Next in the seemingly neverending stream of events in Singapore is the iLight Festival

Around Marina Bay, about 20 light installations from international artists have been placed. Ofcourse they give light, but on top of that many are eco friendly or interactive.

Providing a wonderful walking tour around the bay, which we made several times, since it is at our doorstep.

In front of the Sail a garden of light objects was created. Spectacular! 

Shophouses in Singapore

A while back I devoted a post to the so-called 'shophouse' architecture.

It is one of the older architectural styles here, with low-rise on the visible street side.  On the ground floor a shop and on the higher floors the living area. They are not very wide, but usually very deep. There can be up to three or four storeys and have one or more interior courtyards.
In front, along the shop, there is a  five-foot-gallery, a passage where you can walk dry and shaded.

My previous post with shophouses was about the Geylang district. The pictures below are however made ​​in Chinatown and Little India.

In Chinatown, new architecture (high HDBflats) is visible right next to the charming shophouses.

I find the shophouses very photogenic and cute, with their wooden shutters on the windows, their brightly colored walls and their narrative ornaments on the facade.

Allow me to show you around:

This is Tanjong Pagar, the street with Keen on Crepes and Studio UP, from my friend Esthee.

Behind these shophouses is one of the most prestigious HDBflats. It is called the Pinnacle Building and consists of five linked towers. They are connected by viewing decks at high altitude.
Read about this spectacular building in my post here.

Accidental photoshoots.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do not get me wrong! The photo sessions are not coincidental for the people involved at all. On the contrary, they are usually pretty serious about it, spending many hours, efforts and money on them.

No, they are only accidental to me, because I was just wandering through town, photographing photoshoots that I ran into.

Nine times out of ten it concerns the wedding photos. Last Sunday even remarkably. Only Monday I realized why: it was that Sunday 10/10/10, a magic date for many future couples.

Occasionally it's a different kind of photo session, such as the Halloween shoot or ganster-shoot below.

So here is an impression of what you run into all the time in Singapore:

Not seldom there are at least four people involved, apart from the subjects. Couple of photographers, someone for the light, clothing, make up or props. 

The Southern Ridges, Singapore

Singapore has not only a lot of high-rise buildings, but also quite a lot of green areas.

There are areas of rainforest reserve, some giant water areas, and dozens of parks. Singapore has been and still is connecting those green spaces by so-called 'park connectors. 
All in all it is possible to walk or cycle for hours and kilometers from one green place to another. 

And Singaporeans make use of that all the time: jogging, walking, cycling, picnicking, camping, you name it.

Frits and I walked a while back through one of the nature reserves; MacRitchie Reservoir. Jungle and monkeys and a huge downpour.

Recently we went on a Sunday walk in another green area, the Southern Ridges. A walk along a stretch of four parks, a small mountain  and some beautifully designed footbridges.
It was not a beautiful day, but dry and very hot.

We started here, climbing a lot of steps to the top of  Mount Faber.

Parkview Square Building Singapore.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wandering through Singapore I came across a very remarkable building. A skyscraper that would not look out of place in Gotham City (Batman's hometown).

I am talking about the Parkview Square building, a characteristic, slightly megalomaniac building. Because of it's sleek, Art Deco-style and ornamentation I thought it was a building from the early 20th century.

My surprise was big when I found out that this building was built less than ten years ago. Very intriguing, that someone built such a building in this day and age!

Parkview Square Building

Jumpology pictures

Some of our latest jumping pictures. We had a lot of fun either jumping and/or taking the pictures. I hope it works contagious!

Jumpology@Manly, Sydney, Australie

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