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The Lion King in Singapore

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The musical the Lion King is on now in Marina Bay Sands Theatre Singapore.

Not being a big fan of musicals I did not intend to go see it. People around me persuaded me and I am glad they did.

Wow, I am really impressed.

EVERYTHING in and about this musical is brilliant:
the dancing, singing, acting.... The masks and costumes, the props..... The music and lighting....

And what an admiration I have for the cast, often wearing (probably) heavy costumes or headwear. They are able to multitask so well! Meaning that while singing, dancing and acting, they also manipulate their costume/mask/props in an ingenious way. They become one with the animal they play, moving like the animal and so on.

It was forbidden to take pictures during the show, so I only took some at the end.
At the end of this blogpost you'll find some video's about the show; check them out!

The hyena's and the Hakuna Matata duo are all brilliant!

The baboon (monkey) totally on the right is also fantastic: her acting, singing and!

The dodo (on the right) is so funny.

Scar (foreground), the evil brother-lion is very good!

Young versions and adult lions.

The cast comes from all around the globe, many from South Africa.

Here is a trailer that was showed on TV:

Another sneak peek:

And this video is about the costumes:

So is there really NOTHING negative to say about this show???
Well.....there IS actually. One thing:

After seeing it, the song Hakuna Matata is stuck in your head for days.
But hey, there are worse songs to be stuck with;-)

So this blogpost ends with the famous words......HAKUNA MATATA! 
Have a nice day...

The (temporary) Merlion Hotel

Friday, March 18, 2011

We live nearby the Merlion statue@Marina Bay, so we often pass by there when we go for a walk.

Ballerina Who Loves A B-Boy

Monday, March 7, 2011

Frits and I went to see a Korean breakdance/hiphop/ballet-musical: Ballerina who loves a B-Boy.

It was quite entertaining and the breakdancers were truly spectacular! We were told that they are the best in the world. Not hard to believe!

Light-water-music show Wonder Full @Marina Bay Sands

Since beginning 2011 this multi-mediashow is to be seen several times per night, almost in front of our doorstep. Lucky us!!!! By now we have seen it at least ten times;-).

A bit bombastic? Sure... A bit moralistic about family values and all? Yes....
But is it impressive and enjoyable? Definitely!!!

What's NOT to be impressed and enchanted???!

Some facts in order to get the whole picture:

*the waterscreens are 25 mtrs high at the highest point
*250.000 LEDlights are used
*size of the waterwall: 2.000 sq mtr
*music by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

...and the whole thing is controlled by two staffmembers using an iPad!!!

The video above is not mine, the following pictures ARE...
(To be clear: the images in the pictures are projected on screens of WATER!!!)

Tiger Balm Gardens/Haw Par Villa - one year later.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last year I visited HPV for the first time and was blown away!!! Loving quirky, over-the-top and out-of-the-ordinary things I just looooooved the place.

A fantasy-world, outsider-art, a very special area.

After that visit I tried to find more info and background about HPV (there is not much and it's not easy to find) and made my own photobook about it.

At that time many of the sculptures were 'under maintenance'; being completely or partially covered in white base-paint, waiting to be freshly repainted. And for damage to be repaired.

I liked that (partial) chalk-white look amidst al the colours; it had a special effect.

In the past HPV has known glorious times; bustling with (paying) visitors and activity. Nowadays it is free (no entryfee), yet almost deserted.
It seems like a forgotten place, which makes me fear for its future:-(

Returning to the place a few weeks ago, I was anxious to see what had become of the repainting and repairs. Would progress have been made? Or would the place have gone further downhill??? (for the dutch speakers amongst us: in verval raken)

I was so happy to see that renovations, improvements and maintenance had kept going on!

Many sculptures looked brandnew with their bright, sometimes gaudy (I don't mind 'gaudy'. Hahaha....) repainted colours.

 There were now displays with info, also in English. Great! Now I was able to read and understand a bit more about what was depicted;-).

In this blog you can see clearly the differences between 'before' and 'after', between a year ago and now.

Just for fun.....;-)

And because this place deserves a lot more exposure and appreciation then it gets nowadays...

Go and check it out for urselves!!!! (Please note that some parts of the huge park are not suitable for small children; the sculptures are too scary, mainly in the Ten Courts of Hell.)

Tiger Balm Gardens, right? So are there any tigers around? Sure they are! More then enough;-)

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