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Manila part 1: typhoons and jeepneys

Friday, September 30, 2011

When people heard that I was accompanying my husband to Manila for two weeks they felt sorry for me. 
Comments went from "So boring!" to 'Polluted', 'Congested' and dangerous. 
'Ah well', I replied, 'even if I were to stay in the hotel I would still be able to entertain myself.'.
With a laptop and wifi I could do lots of 'work', I could blog, etc. And with my new camera I had a lot to study on that.
Then there were books, a pool, spa's....I would be ok.

When we arrived the weather was not really nice. There was still some sun, but it was as if a grey curtain was over everything. And the wind was strong. As we would soon find out, this was due to the arrival of typhoon Pedring, combined with the moussoonrains.


Still loving Marina Bay!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I know, I ve posted about the area where we live several times already. Marina Bay, Raffles Place, the CBD.....after two years we still love walking around here.

Some recent pictures as an hommage to our neighbourhood:

The Double Helix aka DNA bridge.
Also favourite of joggers, rollerskaters and people on bikes.

Lunchtime in Singapore

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From 12 till 2 Singapore is on lunch break.  Foodcourts, cafes and restaurants are overflowing with customers.

Living in the heart of the CBD, surrounded by office buildings, we see the same picture each day (except on weekends, ofcourse): a stream of thousands of workers fills the streets, the underground malls, the MRT. They stroll, they shop, they talk, they eat. In front of every foodplace in the area long queues  of hungry people are formed, waiting to be served.

This is what that looks like:

Fashion Fun Photoshoot @ Haw Par Villa

Monday, September 19, 2011

I love photography and am always armed with one or two cameras. I have two good quality compact camera's: the Canon Powershot S5 IS and the Canon S90.
Two friends of mine here in Singapore, Sabine and Sylvia, are into photography too. Sabine is a professional photographer and Sylvia is a professional blogger who wants good pictures for her blog.
They both work with (amongst others) DSLR cameras.
Last week I finally made the decision to  get myself one of those too: the Canon EOS Rebel T31 aka EOS 600D.
Shortly after that, the three of us went on a fashion photoshoot @ Haw Par Villa.

By Sabine Fink

The 5 best areas in Singapore to find murals

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I enjoy murals and graffity very much. Ofcourse I am not talking about ugly tags, but about streetart that is well done. Art that makes it's environment more interesting or more beautiful.

Walking through a city I always have my eye on any nice mural that I encounter. 

Some cities are very good for that. In Montreal, Canada, for example, you stumble upon the most gorgeous murals on every streetcorner, so to speak. Buenos Aires is another city where murals, especially about tango, are numerous. Newtown, near Sydney in Australia, is famous for it's murals. Fantastic, I enjoyed wandering through these cities and neighbourhoods so much!!!

Unfortunately, murals and graffity are not a common sight in clean and polished Singapore.
Too bad, because it gives a city an extra dimension. Imagine the immense sidewalls of the HDB buildings adorned with gigantic murals. Wouldnt that be something?!

Luckily enough there are some areas with murals in Singapore. The 5 best places to find murals are:

1. In and around Haji Lane
In particular BluJazz Cafe and Piedra Negra are richly adorned. The latter outside as well as inside walls.

Lantern Festival @ Chinese Garden 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Lantern Festival is in town!

Last year I enjoyed this festival a lot at it's location on the river along Clarke Quay.
I had read though, that in the past, the festival had been held @ Chinese Garden and that seemed like such a romantic backdrop for it! So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that this year the Lantern Festival is back @ Chinese Garden.
And indeed: it is gorgeous!

The theme is The World of Legends and sunday (the 18th) is the last day you can admire the Lantern Festival @ Chinese Garden.
There are performances too. It is special to walk through the gardens at night, surrounded by lights and people.

Opening H&M in Singapore. Fashion frenzy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back home, in the Netherlands, H&M is one of my favourite shops.
So I was very happy to see H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) finally opening a store in Singapore.

Apparently I was not the only one;-).
The opening and the shop's first days were an absolute frenzy; crazy!

For weeks the swedish chain had been campaigning. Getting potential buyers all excited and luring them with gifts: the first 5 in line would receive a sgd 250 gift card and the first 300 would receive a sgd 20 gift card. (For the european readers: 125 euro and 10 euro.)

Kite Festival Singapore 2011

Last weekend we went to the Kite Festival Singapore 2011.
It was our second year to visit this event. We enjoyed it the first time and did so again this year.

ACT3 International and NTUC Income did a great job!

A reportage in pictures:

Living @The Sail, the festival area is right @ our doorstep.

Voyage Night Festival 2011. Part 2.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last weekend I had a great time @the Voyage Night Festival. You can read my blogpost about that here:

Yesterday I went back and felt like Alice in Wonderland. Why? Let me show you in pictures why:

Along Bras Basah Rd I found myself walking under a row of giant table lamps. What happened? Did I just shrink?

Lampounettes by TILT; a row of gigantic table lamps.

10 Things I Love about Singapore

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living in Singapore now since two years, people back home often ask me what the state-city is like.
Well, here are the 10 things I love the most about Singapore:

1. Haw Par Villa aka Tiger Balm Gardens
For me this is the most special and intriguing place in Singapore. It's also the most forgotten and undervalued place. I'm a bit scared that they will tear it down one day...
This rundown, huge themepark with a long and rich history,  is usually about deserted, although it is free!
Wandering through the grounds with it's more then 1000 statues, you feel as if you are alone, walking in a fantasyworld.
Complete legends, stories and morals are depicted lifesized.
The detailing and colours of the statues and paintings are unbelievable. The teal, ocre and aqua coloured fake rockformations make this place the perfect backdrop for fashion and fotoshoots.

If you haven't visited Tiger Balm Gardens, please do! But leave small children at home, cause the images are sometimes extremely bloody and scary.

By the way: many Singaporeans hate Haw Par Villa, since their parents took them there when they were kids to educate and scare them: "Look, this will happen to you when you lie, steal, disrespect your parents, etc.".

Look at the 'rocks' behind these two ladies. Arent the colours just gorgeous? The growth of the orangy mosses and organismes  on them only makes the rocks more beautiful.

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