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Fashionista's at FIDe fashion weeks

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Remember my posts about the FIdeFashionWeek from a while ago? About the male fashionista's?

Well, today it's time to check out the ladies who attended the shows. 

Often Singaporeans at events tend to play safe and choose for….black. Yawn…

These two ladies looked beautiful. Just so predictable in black…
But…truth be told; the woman on the right is a real sweetheart and on other nights she wore different colors;-).

The good thing about fashion weeks like Fide is that you will catch some colorful or outstanding outfits amidst all that black.

Have a look at these fashionista's (no, not me, silly, I just happen to stand next to this Singaporean air hostess and fashionista):

I went for a more funky look, but felt quite 'big' and masculine compared to the fragile sweetheart next to me.
I loved the cool, unusual look of the next two gals, especially the one with the blue hair. Would not mind having her toy-soldier-necklace myself; so funky!

Some of the staff from FIDe were dressed in quirky and unusual ways too.

I absolutely adored the looks of this girl, on two different nights.

I was already familiar with the young Philippino brand that designs the 'bones'-jewelry and was already a fan before I saw the same girl wearing the bones harness on another night. Loving it!
The brand is named: OSAccessories.

Her colleague looked fab in her vintage outifit.

Love the western style booties with this ensemble.
Ofcourse there were lots of celeb fashionista's.

For example Jeannie Mai, from the TV show "How Do I Look", on two occasions.

JM seen from the back. Look at her half black, half golden, half closed, half open heels!

And the plastic surgeon of the stars, Doctor Georgia Lee, on two different nights.

Singapore's most famous blogger (and celeb because of that), the pink-haired Xiaxue.

The show had not started, so apparently it was smartphone-time. Weird!

Obviously the celebs came fashionably late, to be escorted to their front row seats at the beginning of the catwalk. Actresses, socialites, the surgeon and the blogger, all next to each other.
The young owner of Singapore's most exclusive nightclub Pangaea, Ms Sabrina Ault, sure made an appearance each time I saw her during the Fashionweek!

Talking to TV celeb couple Oli Pettigrew and Linda Black.
A random selection of other ladies that stood out:

Her dress and matching shoes were very pop art and funky! I believe she is a fashion designer.

I loved the hairdo of this lady. Guess it needs a lot of teasing to achieve this look. Always afraid to tease my hair too much and damage it with that.

Unusual look, with the hat and the colorful shawl. Like it!
Not a big fan of this outfit. What do you think?
Sorry, but this really is a miss, as far as I'm concerned. Not flattering at all...
Beautiful lady, lovely dress, but there was something with the bra peeping out under the armpits and at the back. 
What do you think of these looks? Which one is your favorite?


  1. The only one I kind of liked was the pop art one. I find often that Asian fashion is overdone, or I don't know, just strange sometimes. LOL


    1. Yes, that is true, but haute couture often is, right?! That seems to be the point; art over fashion, or something like that.


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