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Le Marche. A piece of Switzerland in Singapore.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Instead of eating out around Marina Bay, our new hood now is the Somerset/Orchard area.

There is a big supermarket around the corner; very convenient. But their bread is horrible. So we walk a few streets further to get our daily fresh dark rye bread from Le Marche. Sometimes it's still warm! Yum!

But Le Marche is not only a bakery. It's also a huge restaurant. Well, actually it is a global chain, but I am talking about their restaurant at Somerset 313 in Singapore.

The concept is Fresh, Healthy, Fast food in a Swiss setting.

The cows and the dirndl-dressed staff are there whole year round. The Christmas decorations of course not;-).

The bakery is on street level, the restaurant is a couple floors beneath.

As the sign above says: it is huge and can seat a lot of people!

You can go down by elevator or by stairs, leading you along typical Swiss scenery;-). 
St Bernard dogs with moving heads, cows, goats and even a swiss couple.

You can imagine this is totally up my alley with my love for kitsch and bad taste. Ok, to a certain extent that is. There is also bad taste that is just bad taste.
In this case the decor is so cliche, artificial and over the top, that it speaks to my sense of humor. 
Also the asian girls in Heidi outfits; don't you agree that is so weird that it becomes charmingly funny? I do;-).

Personally I dislike the Swiss 'rustic' wooden, dark look very much. In Swiss that is.
But having said that, in Le Marche they imitated the Swiss restaurant and bar look very well.

The restaurant is hugely popular. Even though it is enormous, on weekends you can easily spot around 40 to 50 people queueing up to get into the place!

We went there on a weekday and then it's much quieter. Still a lot of customers, but no waiting to get in.

The food is nice. There is a big variety and a lot of the food is prepared for you on the spot. And if not, it is still fresh. It tasted good!

We have been here twice now and will certainly be back. Just not during peak hours;-).

Have you visited Le Marche yourself? Do you like their food?
How about the decor? What do you think of that? Really nice? Nice as kitsch? Or just plain bad taste?


  1. We have a very similar restaurant chain here too. It is called Movenpick but I think they just changed the name to Richtree here. We used to go more often when we lived downtown. I used to find the food hit and miss but it was cheaper than going to regular restaurant.


    1. I know the name Movenpick, but had no idea that it is a similar chain. What means hit and miss? Not constant quality? Too bad! Here the food is really quite good.


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