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The W Singapore. Part 5

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's finally time for the finale of my series on the W Singapore. 

We have explored the hotel's Glowing Jungle theme, the AWAY spa, the restrooms, the art on display and it's High Tea from a Birdcage.

This is all topped by the extravaganza from the hotel's most luxurious and expensive suite: the Extreme Wow Suite.

I have never set foot in a hotel suite like this! Let me show you around:

Cara, the W Singapore's insider, my friend Simone and me posing in front of the bathroom mirror in the Extreme WOW Suite.
Already the door handle is beautifully designed.

There are pretty design elements everywhere you look. Ofcourse related to the Glowing Jungle theme.

The suite is actually a complete apartment; you can live there and not miss a thing!

When you enter the suite you stumble right away upon the eye-catcher of it all: the bar.

I have seen pictures of this area at night, when the bar itself glows in turquoise. A beautiful color scheme with the lilac and purple.
Yes, this suite has it's own bar! It is possible to hire a bartender as well.

The ceiling decoration and light above the bar is breathtaking; wow, wow, wow!

Not only has this suite it's own bar, it also has it's own DJ booth, with vinyl records and all. And here too: a DJ can be hired.

The bar and DJ booth are both placed in the huge living room. Have a look.

Too be honest, I do not like all of the interior decoration in this suite. The enormous couch e.g. I find simply hideous! 
I love the chandelier.  

I am a big fan of eclecticism. But in this living room I find it here and there more a mismatch then a form of cool eclecticism. 
But hey, tastes differ, right?

With Simone, sitting on that ugly couch.
I love this iPod speaker; such a cool design and concept!

I like the lamp that hangs over the table and the white chaise longue.

It's a bit too posh and would-be for me, if you catch my drift. 

Yes, you see it well; there even is a complete and usable kitchen in the suite!

The suite has several rooms next to each other: living room, bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet.
And along the whole length and all the rooms there is…….a private pool on the balcony!!! Isn't that just amazing?!

The weather was lousy when we had our tour, but you can still see what wonderful lounge furniture there is on the balcony and how lovely that private pool is.

Let's head over to the adjacent room: the bedroom.

I love the contemporary design of this room. The tiled wall behind the bed is very special.

What a cool upside-down-chandelier!

Mmm, would not mind spending a night here!

The furniture in the bedroom is very inviting and looks comfy.

Stepping out of bed, opening the sliding doors and getting into that wonderful pool with a view. Indeed Extreme Wow!

As I mentioned: the suite comes with a walk-in closet. The picture shows just a small part of it. But it is huge!
Makes you wonder which guest would ever bring enough clothes to fill all those wardrobes;-)…

Last but not least we have the bathroom. It consists of a large space with an XXXL tub, a futuristic home trainer, a steam room (!) and a shower room. Oh, and of course access to that same cool pool!

The tub looks spectacular!

Actually the whole bathroom does. Did you see here another upside-down chandelier? Cool!

Posing in the giant round jaccuzzi tub;-)
We kept slipping away though. I had the same experience in another hotel once. That also had a round jaccuzzi tub that gave me no hold or grip. Maybe it works when you are with a lot of people? Or you have to try and hold on with your arms on each side holding the railing.

The Ciqlotte by Philippe Starck. Yours for 15.000 sgd!!!

The steam room.
So what's the room rate of this suite? 15.000 sgd per night, folks, fifteen thousand singaporean dollars!

I was told that people DO rent it. And when the hotel is fully booked, one guest may get lucky to be picked out for an upgrade to this suite! How cool is that?

So, what do you think of the Extreme WOW Suite at the W Singapore? Do you like the design and decor? Would you spend that amount on a night in a hotel? What was the most expensive and luxurious hotel room you ever stayed in?
And how about Starck's Ciqlotte? It looks cool, but how is it to bike on it? Does anyone have that experience?

Well, this article concludes my series about the W Singapore. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and high tea and would certainly recommend this hotel, if you like the style. I know that I do!

Disclaimer: I was invited to visit the W Singapore with a friend. We received a tour in the hotel and a high tea. We were not asked for anything in return, not even to write about the hotel. My posts about the W Singapore -as well as the ones about the other W hotels, btw- are purely initiated and written from my personal enthusiasm. 


  1. That piece of exercise equipment looks like a work of art. I'd be scared to try it out.

    That tub! That bathroom!

    The whole suite is incredible.

    They have overdone the decorating. Taken it about 10 steps beyond where they needed to. I kind of think the W always pushed the envelope when it comes to decorating though.

    Only if I had loads of cash would I ever spend that much on a hotel room but we have been known to drop a little bit of $ for special occasions. The best Hotel for service and overall appearance has to be the Beverly Hills Hotel. Also maybe because my husband surprised me. I had stayed their once before with a friend and we booked one of the special bungalows off of the pool, apparently next to the one Marilyn Monroe had stayed in for quite some time. There is a real sense of history and tradition there. Very unlike the W which is more about being hip and cool. Also they had the highest standard of service I have ever seen anywhere. Truly incredible.

    I loved this series! So fun to be able to view it all virtually and with your perspective.


    1. The Beverly Hills, he? I will have to check that out if ever I am in that area!
      Gonna take a sneak peak on their website now!;-)


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