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Welcome to our new home in Singapore

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We did not have a real housewarming and neither did we receive a lot of visitors (yet). 
So I think it's  time for at least a Virtual Housewarming; welcome in our new home at the Beaumont. 

We'll start from the estate's two entrances:

This is the main gate where taxis and cars will enter.

It is very near Somerset MRT.

So you drive or walk past the gate. See the lobby entrance at the end? (picture above)

That is the lift lobby from our building, the Bowbell. There are two more buildings on the premises.

Follow that girl (above) to the elevator. It's a teeny tiny old one. The lift, that is, not the girl;-).

But wait, I first want to show you the 'side-entrance', a shortcut to Orchard Road and to the bus stop.

Next to a row of shophouses there is a gate.

Go left at the end of the path and you arrive (from the other side) at the same lift lobby. See?

Take the elevator to the third floor. Exit and look to your left. There's our studio apartment.

From the gallery we look down upon the backside of the shophouses that you just saw from the front.

Ok, walk up a few steps. Now take of your shoes. Yes, this is Singapore. we take of our shoes inside.

Our front door is pretty ugly; dark painted wood and all:-(.

So on the inside I put up a poster to brighten up that dark door;-).

Yes, sure, DO come in!!!

Champagne anyone? Cheers!

Coming in, you stumble right away upon the kitchen on the left hand and the bathroom on the right. Small, ugly and old, but it kinda works.

The kitchen has an open counter (with louvre doors above) looking out into the main space. It is a studio, so besides kitchen and bathroom it IS only one space.

The first four years, in our previous house, we never cooked. Here we do. So we put a small dining table right there.

Cheers, peeps. Help yourself to a glass of bubbly, if you feel for it!
In Singapore, you are usually not allowed to put nails in the walls, paint the walls, etc.
So we try to hang things in all sorts of ingenious ways. To make it cosy.

On the other side of the room, the bathroom side, so you will, we created an area for sleeping.

First you see a dotted screen. That shields of a bit my girl domain; my earrings, hair clips, makeup, the whole shabam is there on that small desk.

Then there is the bed, naturally.

We used screens, wardrobes and room dividers to make separate areas (work, eat, sleep, lounge).

The first wardrobes are old and damaged, so we used posters on the back to hold them together AND to make them look prettier;-).

Between the two wardrobes, behind the screen, we created a sort of tiny walk-in closet. Storage room at the same time. Cramped, but we cope.

If we look back into the room from the other side, the balcony side, it looks like this:

On the right side we see our workspace; the table with the kitsch cloth.

At the end of the room, near the balcony, we created a sitting- and lounging area. The red couch is a sofa bed for visitors.

And here you can see our balcony. 

When it rains it floods easily, but so far no problems.

We can see the pool from our balcony. We have not swam or took a sunbath even once.

So we are on the first floor that has balconies, right behind the big tree on the left.

We don't sit on the balcony a lot, but we LOVE it. We can open the doors in the mornings when it's not too hot yet. A lot of light, trees in front of us, meaning birds and squirrels! Unfortunately there are lots of mosquitos and there is a Dengue problem at the moment, so we have to be careful not to get bitten.

This is our balcony view straight ahead.

Anyone a refill of bubbly?

So what do you think? Like it? We do!

Come again soon, will you?! You're welcome!


  1. Hallo Anja, Veel plezier in jullie nieuwe appartement, je hebt op een creatieve manier een leuke oplossing gevonden, om niet alles in het zicht te hebben.
    Ook ziet het er erg licht uit, zeker belangrijk.
    Groetjes en fijne feestdagen.....of wordt dit daar niet zo gevierd?

    1. Hello Helen, thans for leaving a comment. It's much appreciated. I answer in english, since Google finds that important;-).
      Yes, we like our new home. And sure, they celebrate everything in Singapore too. It is a multiracial and multicultural society, so they have festivities and holidays of all sorts. Wishing you happy holidays as well!

  2. What a cool little space. I can see if you're not allowed to put nails in the walls how it would be challenging to make it feel more like yourselves but you look like you've done very well considering your limitations. I reminds me when I lived overseas. I would often decorate with posters like you.

    What are those 2 posters of you and your husband? You look like you are doing advertising.

    I like the way you have hung your jewelry too.

    My husband and I had a similar studio apartment in Nice when we first met. Smaller than yours, but with a bigger kitchen.

    For all I loved about living overseas I have to say after living in a house for the past 8 years it would be very difficult to give up my space, although it teaches you to live with less, which is a really good thing.

    I'd be scared about the mosquitos. They love me.

    Thanks for having me over. I should have brought some wine for you, but the bubbly was refreshing : )


    1. Hahaha… I don't like wine, so that's fine!;-)

      The two posters are indeed from an add campagne from Singtel and their website NOTaTourist, where I wrote for. My health intervened and I dropped out quite quickly. Too bad on one hand. On the other hand I never really liked the website.

      Wow, did not know you lived overseas as well! In Nice, France, lovely!

  3. So cosy and lovely.....I especially like the location in town. Thanks for the tour :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Bookjunkie;-)!


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